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Should I use my credit card on the Internet? Is it safe?

What the experts say

Michael Busch, a writer for AVWEB, spent three years consulting for VISA International, and he says using your credit card on the Internet is safe.

But perhaps New York Times journalist Peter H. Lewis put it best: "Sending a credit card number to an electronic merchant over the internet is probably the safest way to make such a transaction. In the last week, for example, I handed my credit card to a waiter who disappeared with it for five minutes. I faxed my credit card information to a business in New Jersey, and the fax probably lay exposed to everyone in that office for hours and perhaps to the cleaning crew that night. I called a hotel and gave my card data to a reservation clerk and continued my recklessness by ordering some merchandize from a clothing catalogue, again by reading my credit card information to an unseen operator.

"Compared with the risk of handing my credit card to a stranger, which I do nearly everyday, sending it over the Internet is pretty secure.
(The New York Times, Nov. 13, 1995 C3)

Hackers are too smart to bother--

Note that hackers who are smart enough to hack a credit card number from the net are also TOO SMART to try credit card fraud -- -they know it's too easy to get caught. Criminals who know how to get away some limited forms of credit card fraud are much more likely to bribe a waiter in a restaurant or do a dumpster dive behind a gas station. Learning to hack the net is time consuming. Ask yourself: If I wanted to steal money fast, which would give me a better payday TODAY -- hacking the net, or walking down to the local gas station?
Now you know why credit card fraud in the net is so rare.

Reporters aren't the experts --

We feel that mainstream press reporters claiming that "using your credit card on the Internet is dangerous" are simply wrong. Remember that mainstream journalist are not internet experts, and they are not retail merchants. They are in the business of writing news stories that will get your attention.

Even Dan Askt, the cyber writer for the LA Time, has acknowledged that credit card purchases over the Internet are safer than buying flowers over the phone from an office.

Credit card fraud down --

Master Card reported numbers showing that their volume of credit card transactions was up by 26%, but fraud was down by 11.4 % - you can conclude that fraud is being combatted successfully.

You have all sorts of protection --

The credit card consumer has three levels of protection:

  • First, any charge on a credit card can be disputed and credited by the consumer. The banks protect the consumer!
  • Second, is our secure server, which encodes and encrypts your information.
  • The third level of protection is our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the merchandized purchased you will be given a full refund.

Ordering alternatives --

We want you to feel safe ordering from us -- even if you still prefer to avoid using you card on the net.

You can call 1-800-659-4398 with your order.
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